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Oct 212004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The CSU Police Department has used cameras to monitor the crowd

at Hughes Stadium at Sonny Lubick Field during CSU football games

for more than a decade, but it seems odd that police officials

don’t make the public more aware of the fact.

The cameras may help the CSU administration enforce its recent

ban on alcohol at the stadium and may help CSUPD deal with any

disorderly attendees at the games.

It just seems strange that the university doesn’t do more to let

people know about the cameras.

Being filmed without knowledge or consent can be an unsettling

feeling for some people, especially those who just came to watch a

football game. While the Collegian supports any actions by the

university to protect the student body, it would have been common

courtesy to do as much as possible to let people know they are

being filmed.

Not only would this quell any conspiracy theories or “Big

Brother” concerns that might arise, but it could also potentially

act as a preemptive movement to keep students safe, rather than a

reactionary one.

Students would be less likely to fight or act inappropriately if

they knew they were being watched and/or filmed during the game.

The number of arrests and injuries would probably decrease


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