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Oct 212004
Authors: Scott Bondy, Paul Baker

Topic 1: Possibly the greatest comeback in sports history took

place on Wednesday after the BoSox defeated the evil Yankee

dynasty. After a 3-0 deficit, the Red Sox won four in a row and now

head to the World Series for the first time since 1986. Will the

curse be lifted?

Bondy: It will be once the Red Sox win.

Baker: Contrary to some beliefs, the curse has not been broken

yet. When they win the World Series the curse will be lifted. And

they will win.

Bondy: Of course they will. I have a lucky shirt. Half the curse

was broken after they defeated the Yanks.

Baker: They can’t let the win get to their heads though. The Sox

celebrate every win like they won a championship, which is sweet,

but they need to stay focused.

Bondy: Pedro definitely proved that his “daddy” was Yankee

Stadium, but look for him to improve. Boston’s pitching staff looks


Baker: The Yankees are no longer the Sox’s “daddys” because in

the last two years, Boston has the edge in the series 27-25.

Topic 2: Carmelo Anthony was cited for possession of marijuana

while boarding a team flight this week. He claims the pot wasn’t

his (big surprise), and that it was left in his bag, (how

convenient, maybe for a little session on the plane). Was it his

and how dumb is it to try and take drugs onto an airplane?

Baker: I believe Melo. He passed four random drug tests last

year, one a couple weeks ago, and another at the Olympics. He

sounds clean to me.

Bondy: Why would he let someone put close to an ounce of pot

into his bag? Why does every athlete use the same excuses? Do they

think they’re clever?

Baker: His lawyer announced that Melo’s friend would be taking

the rap for the drugs.

Bondy: Wow, I wouldn’t do that for you.

Topic 3: Q and A Lightning Round

Bondy: Battle of the unbeaten: Jets or Patriots?

Baker: Jets, Jets, Jets, Jets. The Patriots can’t go 16-0.

Baker: Is Utah entitled to a BCS Bowl Game?

Bondy: I hope they go undefeated just to screw with the system.

Then they’ll deserve it.

Bondy: Is Fort Collins a drinking town with a college


Baker: Yes, but what college town isn’t?

Baker: Biggest upset in college football this week?

Bondy: Texas Tech beating Texas.


Topic 4: The Border War continues with its 96th meeting. This

year features the 4-2 Wyoming Cowboys pitted against a 2-3 CSU

team. Both teams are 1-1 in conference play and look to advance in

the Mountain West Conference. Who pulls out a victory and gets the

Bronze Boot?

Baker: It’s always a tough game to predict. Both teams will

bring their A game. With Hanie at the helm, the game will certainly

be interesting.

Bondy: After last year’s heartbreaking loss, I think the Rammies

can pull through with a close victory.

Baker: I hate to agree with you, so I’m picking the Cowboys.

Bondy: If the defense plays as well as they did last week, we’ll

be in good shape.

Baker: Yeah, but what are the odds of that happening?

Closing statements and words to the wise:

Bondy: Paul, who’s your daddy?

Baker: If you rip on me 13 or 14 more times, I swear, I’m out.

(As they say in “Baseketball”)

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