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Students and members of the community came together Tuesday

evening to present their opposition of the alcohol ban at Sonny

Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium during an Alcohol Task Force


“Prohibiting beer sales at Hughes Stadium will do little to

solve the issues of abusive and underage drinking on campus,” said

Jim Janus, general manager of American Eagle Distributing Company

of Loveland. “By providing a controlled environment at the stadium

with trained servers can help ensure that alcoholic beverages are

consumed responsibly rather than force individuals to drink

off-campus in an uncontrolled setting.”

The subcommittee forum was held from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Cherokee

Room in the Lory Student Center and was open to the public. A

sign-up sheet was provided for members of CSU and the Fort Collins

community to offer constructive comments and suggestions regarding

the ban of alcohol at Hughes Stadium and in the parking areas

surrounding the stadium. Approximately 15 to 20 people were in


Many of the students and community members who spoke at the

forum disapproved of the beer ban at Hughes Stadium because

students who choose to consume alcohol must do so unmonitored and


Others criticized the ban for punishing those who are of-age and

drink alcohol responsibly.

“A ban on beer sales simply punishes those responsible adult

drinkers who make up the vast majority of the fans at CSU

(football) games,” Janus said.

Frederick Schock, a junior social work major, acknowledged the

effect the ban on alcohol at Hughes Stadium has on the CSU alumni


“They helped build CSU to what it is today,” Schock said. “(The

beer ban) is not fair to them.”

The Alcohol Task Force subcommittee on the use of alcohol at

Hughes Stadium stressed the importance of the opinions and

perspectives of students, parents and community members during open


“We are looking for as much feedback as possible to make an

informed decision and to give recommendations to (CSU) President

(Larry) Penley,” said Tiffany Bailey, subcommittee member and

graduate student.

“For us as a subcommittee, any student opinion or perspective

will make our decision more informed,” said Patrick Hutchinson,

subcommittee member and president of the Inter-Fraternity Council.

“We want to make a decision that will minimize risks and will be

something that the students (at CSU) can feel comfortable


Alternatives to the ban were also offered. Patrick Pollock, a

junior finance and real estate major, proposed a “beer garden,” a

designated an area that would be available to all students for

tailgating outside the stadium. He recognized that vendors would

still be able to solicit alcohol and the police would be better

able to monitor people’s drinking.

Each of the four subcommittees of the Alcohol Task Force will

eventually make their recommendations to the main Alcohol Task

Force, which will then compile those recommendations to ultimately

be presented to Penley.

The subcommittee welcomes online feedback and comments for those

who were not able to attend the open forum. Students can e-mail the

Alcohol Task Force by using the comment link at

http://www.president.colostate.edu/alcohol_task_force/. The main

Alcohol Task Force will meet Thursday, Oct. 28 from 3 to 6 p.m. in

room 228 in the student center. This meeting will also be open to

the public and will provide time for public comment at the end of

the meeting.

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