Oct 202004
Authors: Jon Pilsner

Vandals sprayed a chemical compound on the football field at

Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium this past week, according to a

press release from Director of Athletics Mark Driscoll.

“In the past 48 hours, it has become apparent that vandals

gained entrance into the stadium and sprayed a chemical compound on

the field,” Driscoll said in the release. “Our grounds crew has

been working diligently to rectify the situation.”

Gary Ozzello, director of media relations for the athletic

department, said workers at the stadium noticed something had been

sprayed on the field Tuesday. Today, the areas, which were sprayed

with a “U” and a “W,” became more visible.

Driscoll said CSU faculty turf specialists were called to the

stadium to treat the area. It is estimated that the affected areas

are 30 feet tall and 75 feet wide. The chemical compound has had a

noticeable effect on the turf’s color. Grounds crew personnel will

work the next two days to neutralize the effect before the 7:30

p.m. game Friday between CSU and the University of Wyoming.

“We did what we could to negate (the chemical),” Ozzello said.

“The field’s playability will not be affected for the game.”

Kevin McKinney, associate athletic director for media relations

at Wyoming, had no comment.

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