Oct 202004
Authors: Eric Klamper

Maybe it’s a father who never showed affection. Maybe it’s

one-too-many viewings of “Fight Club.” Maybe it’s just the urge to

be the best.

Whatever the incentive, people lined up on Tuesday to get

weighed in for Fight Night at the Aggie Theatre, 204 S. College


“Organized fights get you into a lot less trouble than the

unorganized fights,” said Charlie Mattie, a freshman chemical

engineer major who participated in Fight Night.

Participants from many weight groups, ages and both genders

prepared themselves for the three, one-minute rounds in the

single-elimination tournament. Most of the night’s fighters had

little or no boxing experience.

“My friends told me that I am always messing around and fighting

too much,” said Nick Elder, a freshman open-option major. “They

told me I should just take it to the ring.”

Shane Swartz, who started Fight Night in his parent’s back yard,

has turned the event into a profitable operation and has become a

successful amateur boxer in the process.

“There’s over $100,000 each year in profit,” Swartz said. “We

expect around 400 people to show up each night.”

The fighters are provided with a mouth guard, tape and 16-ounce

gloves. An ambulance waits behind the theater in case someone gets

seriuosly hurt.

While waiting in line for weigh-in, the competitors eyed one

another, perhaps wondering about whom in the crowd they would be

facing first. Many fighters tried to hide their nerves by cracking

their knuckles or listening to music.

“I’m here to whoop some ass, but I’m also a little scared

s**tless,” said Lacy Miller, a freshman biology major. “I’m a cross

country runner so I’ve got endurance going for me. They’re gonna

have to knock me out for me to quit.”

Spectators paid $10 to get inside for a chance to see someone

get taken down or to root for a friend who was competing.

“I like the violence,” said Ivey Hardin, a senior theater major

who came to the fight with her friends. “A lot of the fighters are

probably just good street fighters so it’s fun to watch them try

this out.”

Many of the fighters also used the event as an outlet for their


“There’s some sort of attraction to violence and aggression,”

Swartz said. “But some guys are in the ring just to let off steam,

not just to win.”

The winner of each weight class won a cash prize along with the

respect of every competitor they had to knock around to get


There are plans for Fight Night to return to Fort Collins along

with other boxing events including one promoted by Lonny Noah of

Noah Sports.

For information, on the next Fight Night check out


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