Oct 202004
Authors: Anna Welle

The hip-hop culture in Fort Collins is moving to a “Higher


Saturday, nationally recognized disk jockeys and emcees are

converging from around the country to be part of a break-dancing,

rhythm-flowing, fashion-displaying celebration at the Lory Student

Center Main Ballroom.

The “Higher Ground,” an event organized by the Hip-Hop Culture

Club of CSU, Genetik Gear Clothing and the Student Affiliates of

the International Textile and Apparel Association, features break

dancing, emcee battles, a fashion show and internationally

acclaimed guests.

“We want to build a reputation out here for everyone that we

have an open hip-hop culture,” said Hip-Hop Culture Club President

Matt McDonald. “We want to bring a positive influence on our

community and spread it elsewhere.”

The extravaganza, free for CSU students and $15 for the public,

starts at 5 p.m. with preliminary rounds for break dancing and

emceeing. Crews from California, Nevada, Utah, Texas and more are

vying for the top b-boy, or break-dance, team.

The winner will receive a $1,000 grand prize. Each pair will

deliver its best style, rhythm, attitude and mixture of flavor and

power to survive the process of elimination, McDonald said.

Remind, a b-boy from Style Elements of California, and b-boy

‘Lil John from HaviKORO of Texas will be judging the two-on-two

b-boy battle. The best female break dancer will be awarded $250 in

the one-on-one b-girl battle.

Style Elements is internationally recognized as one of the most

outstanding b-boy crews in the United States.

Contestants will be equally pressed to deliver their best flow.

The emcee battle features the beat juggling and scratching

abilities of DJ Slynkee from New York and DJ Presto-One from Las

Vegas. Both DJs are part of the well-established RockSteady Crew, a

group of hip-hop culture elites.

An emcee battle is “basically talking s**t to another person,

but when it’s over it all comes down to love,” said Hip-Hop Culture

Club Vice President Sam Fung. “If you can freestyle and pick your

lyrics from what’s in the crowd, it’s pretty much over.”

The Procussions, a hip-hop group from Colorado Springs, will

judge and award the top emcee, and the winner will receive


The events are $20 to join and finals go down at 9 p.m.

Brands such as Genetik, Drunkn Munky, Enyce, Little Brown Girl

and more will be featured at the Urban Fashion Show beginning at 8

p.m. The locally based brand Genetik Gear and SAITAA have joined

forces with the national clothing tour of Know Culture, a

production company presenting a collection of street-wear clothing

from current and new spring lines.

Genetik Gear was started August 2003 to get local DJs and b-boys

more involved in the culture, said Genetik Gear Vice President

Derek Flores.

“Hip-hop culture is a lifestyle of enjoying hip-hop music,

dancing, graffiti art and each other’s company,” Fung said. “The

cipher is the whole circle and the culture is growing in Fort


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