Oct 202004
Authors: Ryan Chapman

Last month Sen. John Kerry was quoted in The Chicago Sun-Times

as saying “I have five words for Americans: ‘This is your wake-up


I couldn’t agree more. If you happen to be one of the

unfortunate few who haven’t “woken up” to how bad Kerry would be

for this country, let me inform you.

Let’s begin with this amazing health care plan that John speaks

of so frequently. Besides putting the federal government in charge

of which doctors you can see, which hospitals you can see them at

and how often you can see them, it is going to cost somewhere in

the neighborhood of $1.5 trillion – an amount Kerry promises to pay

for by raising taxes only on those making more than $200,000 a

year. That just about pays for it, too, give or take $900 billion.

Kerry doesn’t even explain this discrepancy in his detailed outline

of the plan on his Web site, which he so shamelessly plugged in

every debate.

When he finally realizes his plan is far from being paid for by

the upper class alone, Kerry will be forced to tax the middle

class. This will choke off the major source of new jobs in this

country, which is small businesses, as they will no longer have the

money to hire new employees. It will also end the recovery (1.9

million new jobs) that we have enjoyed so much over the past year.

In the last debate, two weeks ago, Kerry admitted that families

would have to buy in to his plan. Well, if families could afford a

health care plan, wouldn’t they already have one?

As for Kerry’s promises to make America safer, these are also

empty campaign promises. In his 20-year career in the Senate, Kerry

not only fought against the former President Reagan’s

administration as it won the Cold War, but he also opposed the

first gulf war and proposed a $6 billion cut in the intelligence

budget right after the first bombing of the World Trade Center in

1993. Kerry even developed an elaborate sob story about parents who

have to hold bake sales in order to buy body armor for their

children at war; this after voting “no” to fund troops in Iraq and

Afghanistan. I bet those serving this country overseas sure

appreciated that.

Kerry has also said he will use military action only in

retaliation to attacks on our country and supports giving the

United Nations greater say in our decisions. I hate to be the

bearer of bad news, but the U.N. is a failed experiment left over

from World War II that has never solved anything. I guarantee if

the Eiffel Tower or the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin were destroyed

on Sept. 11, 2001, the United States would be the first to respond

to the pathetic cries of help from France and Germany. In addition,

any president who puts the opinion of the U.N. ahead of national

security should be deported to an uninhabitable island in the


So besides health care, the economy, the job market and national

security, what else does Kerry plan to ruin. Hard to tell for sure,

but most not-so-well-off college students, such as myself, would be

interested to learn that John supports a 50-cent increase in the

gas tax. Yeah, and you thought gas prices were bad now.

So, to all you undecided voters and even to you diehard Kerry

fans, don’t fall for the lies, the contradictions and what

President Bush so eloquently called the “bait and switch.”

Ryan Chapman is a junior marketing major who enjoys long walks

on the beach, and pina coladas. He is a member of College

Republicans and Coolness USA.

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