Oct 192004
Authors: Laura Epple

Vital Stats:

Name: Tonya Jean J. Mokelki

Year: Redshirt Freshman

Position: Right-side Hitter, middle blocker

Major: Biochemistry

Random Interesting Fact: Tonya is only the third Canadian

athlete to join the volleyball team ever, along with teammate Becky

Sarauer and former defensive force Allison Peckham.


So you like watching CSU volleyball, eh? When it comes to

athleticism, Canada native Tonya Mokelki is withoat a doat a

stellar example of the future talent on the team.

Mokelki was formerly a five-sport athlete at her high school,

Weyburn Comprehensive in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. Aside from making

Canada’s Junior National Team and being named 2003 Female Athlete

of the Year for her volleyball prowess, Mokelki played basketball,

badminton, baseball and competed in a wide variety of track and

field events.

Although she has only been here for a three months, Mokelki has

acclimated herself to life in the states and at CSU.

“I like it. There’s not a huge difference, I just get made fun

of for some words and how I pronounce things,” Mokelki said. “It’s

not anything drastic, and the winters are nicer here.”

At least she does not have to worry about designing her

Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit here. Mokelki plans to be

a referee for Halloween this year and is hoping that she will not

be celebrating the holiday in the middle of a blizzard, although it

is a possibility in Colorado.

When it comes to entertainment, Mokelki spends her Loonies and

Toonies (Canadian dollars and two-dollar pieces) on Nelly and Mase

compact discs. Her favorite song is “Turn Me On” by Kevin Lyttle,

and she is a big fan of the new thriller movie “Taking Lives.”

When she has a spare second away from volleyball practice and

her demanding, science-packed class schedule, Mokelki trades in her

runners (tennis shoes) for dancing boots.

“I go out with my friends. I like dancing if you haven’t noticed

from games when I’m always getting down,” Mokelki said. “The

Sundance is a big one, and the Suite (152).”

If Mokelki goes missing (disappears), you might find her

unwinding at home, reading “Cosmo” in her favorite article of

clothing-a specific pair of track pants (sweats).

In terms of style, Mokelki is thinking about getting a nose ring

in the near future. She also displays some loyalty for her

homelands with a pre-meditated tattoo design.

“I want to get a maple leaf with a volleyball in it,” Mokelki


When it comes to pet peeves, it takes a pretty big hoser (jerk)

to give Mokelki a skull cramp (headache).

“I’m a pretty relaxed person,” Mokelki said. “I don’t really

have a pet peeve.”

Mokelki describes herself as a competitive, animated and intense

player on the court. These attributes will serve her well as she

prepares for her life after CSU.

“If I go back to Canada, I would like to play on the National

Team. But if not, maybe I’ll go to Europe. If I don’t want to do

volleyball at all, I will try to get a job right away in forensic

science,” she said.

However, Mokelki still has a few clicks (kilometers) to traverse

as a CSU Ram, but it will be exciting to see her deking out

opponents on the court in the next few years…eh?

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