Oct 192004
Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

An open forum on the future of alcohol sales at Sonny Lubick

Field at Hughes Stadium will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday in

the Cherokee Park Room of the Lory Student Center.

The Alcohol Task Force subcommittee on the use of alcohol at

Hughes Stadium is holding the forum and it is open to anyone for

comment, said Associated Students of CSU President Katie Clausen,

who is on the subcommittee.

The subcommittee will seek answers to questions about alcohol

sales inside and outside the stadium, as well as tailgating and

alcohol advertising.

“Obviously there will be people upset no matter what the

outcome,” Clausen said.

Student appearances at the forum will better illustrate how many

people are concerned about the issue, she said.

“It’s very important for the committee to see, physically see,

the students,” Clausen said. “It would be important for people to

come out on Thursday night. The reason the task force is doing it

is we are gathering as much factual and opinion information on the


Some students are concerned their voice will not make a

difference at the forum.

“We’re probably not going to go to it because we don’t want to

waste our time,” said Mike Writz, a senior finance and construction

management student.

Writz feels that alcohol sales should be made at the


“We deserve to have beer at the stadium,” Writz said.

Matt Jennings, a senior studying economics, said such an

important issue should be more publicized.

“The classic tradition of drinking beer at a CSU game is

something so important that a forum like this should be more widely

advertised,” said Matt Jennings, a senior economics student. “For

once they should let students decide (the outcome).”

For students who cannot attend the open forum, Clausen said they

should still share their opinion by sending comments via e-mail

using the comment link provided on the task force Web site,

http://www.president.colostate.edu/alcohol_task_force/, which is

also available as a link from the CSU home page,



Can’t make it to the forum?

Post your thoughts and

recommendations on the Alcohol Task Force Web site’s comment



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