To the editor:

Oct 182004

Perhaps Andrew Nuth should learn about the art of movie making

before he presumes to speak about “The Motorcycle Diaries” as

having “poor-quality filming” (Oct. 18 in the Collegian).

Low-budget films aren’t synonymous with poor-quality films; I’d

wager a bet that the director of the movie (Walter Salles, for

those who are wondering, since Nuth chose not to include this

information in his piece) used a shaky camera and grainy quality

for artistic purposes. Glossy and glamorous “Hollywood shots”

wouldn’t have worked with the content. If your writer of film

reviews can’t understand that, maybe he shouldn’t be reviewing.

Monique Pawlowski

Senior, English major

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To the editor:

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Oct 182004

I would like to commend CSU for the wonderful performance that

the marching band gave Oct. 11 at Littleton High School. The band

came down and performed the finale for the 3A and 4A high school

marching band competition. If this wasn’t a fire booster for every

one of those kids who had just performed, I don’t know what is!

With the recent tragedies at both the University of

Colorado-Boulder and CSU, this showed just one of the many positive

aspects of college life. These marching bands practice and train as

a team like other competitive sports, albeit in a nonaggressive

fashion, and not only are their events physical but also musical.

These competitions can be just as exciting as the final score of

any football game.

Your students came here not to compete themselves, but to

support all these high school students in their efforts and in

doing so they gave them further motivation to pursue their own

academic careers. The entire audience felt the enthusiasm and pride

that your band presented. I want to thank them for their time and

effort and the excellent example they presented to our kids. Thank

you for reaching out to our community with such a fine performance

and such a fine group of young adults.

Beverly Davis

Mother of Littleton High School marching band member

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