Oct 182004
Authors: James Baetke

Poudre Valley Hospital listed William “Taylor” Whitmire in fair

condition on Monday after he was injured in an assault early

Wednesday morning.

The twenty-year-old CSU sophomore was involved in an altercation

at the Sigma Chi fraternity house, 635 S. Shields Ave. A 911 call

was made at 1:18 a.m. on Wednesday reporting a fight and an injured


Whitmire, a psychology major, was taken to PVH in critical

condition with serious head injuries after apparently falling and

hitting his head on the ground after being struck in the face.

Gary Kimsey, PVH spokesman, said Whitmire is now in fair

condition, but Kimsey was unable to release any other


“(Whitmire) is doing better from being in critical condition,”

Kimsey said.

Fort Collins Police Services has identified a suspect, but the

name of the suspect is being withheld until charges are filed, said

Rita Davis, Fort Collins Police Services spokeswoman.

“The detective is interviewing and re-interviewing witnesses,”

Davis said, adding that the detective is trying to gain clear

knowledge of what happened in the midst of conflicting witness


Director of Greek Life, Mark Koepsell, said no action will be

taken on the Sigma Chi fraternity.

“There s no additional information. The investigation is

continuing,” Davis said.

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