Oct 172004
Authors: Andrew Nuth

Two young men set off on a motorcycle journey through South

America. Their motorcycle breaks down and they learn about the

human spirit as they hitch and walk their way across the


“The Motorcycle Diaries” is the true story of two young men,

Ernesto Guevara (who later in life becomes a communist

revolutionary also known as El Che) and Alberto Granado, who travel

through South America in 1952 on a lame motorcycle called “The

Mighty.” Ernesto, played by Gael Garc�a Bernal, is going to

college to become a doctor specializing in leprosy and is taking a

year off to travel through South America. Alberto, played by

Rodrigo de la Serna, is a biochemist and is making the journey to

celebrate his 30th birthday.

At the beginning of the movie, the subtitles move very quickly

and are hard to read, but after a few minutes the story becomes so

interesting that it is easy to forget the subtitles are there.

The indigenous people they meet along the way make a strong

impression on Ernesto, Alberto and the audience. It is difficult to

hear the stories of people who work so hard just to feed

themselves. One man they meet on the road is searching for a job so

he can educate his children. Many of the people have been kicked

off of their land by the government and are not even allowed to

farm their own food anymore. The documentary-style film making

creates an illusion of reality.

Ernesto goes from being a medical student to a dedicated


The movie has poor quality filming and a fairly low budget, but

is driven by wonderful actors and the fact that it is based on an

amazing true story.

“The Motorcycle Diaries” is a movie with a purpose – it shows a

part of the world, a culture and an experience that most Americans

will never know.

Four out of four

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