Oct 172004
Authors: B.A. Klaene

Old Town Square got a message from a Hollywood star Saturday


Actor Robert Redford spoke Saturday in Old Town urging the Fort

Collins community to get out and vote.

“We need some balance here. We need some consistency. We need

some humanity. We need some reason. We need some common sense, and

for God’s sake we need our rights and our interests to come back to

us rather than being stolen from us,” Redford said during his


Redford was touring Colorado addressing environmental issues,

specifically land and water.

“If there is one topic that should be transcended to politics it

should be the environment,” Redford said.

Redford also said Colorado is special to him because of his

personal connection to the state. He said he grew up here and all

of his children grew up and attended Colorado schools.

Some students took advantage of the opportunity to gain another

political perspective through Redford’s appearance.

“I’m on the fence with who I am going to vote for, so this was a

nice opportunity,” said Nikki Gibbs, a junior performing arts


Colorado Rep. Angie Paccione, D-Fort Collins, recognized that

not everyone in attendance was there for political reasons.

However, exposure to political issues was unavoidable during

Redford’s speech.

“There may have been some people in the audience who came

because they wanted to see Robert Redford but his message about how

important it is to protect the land, water and the environment, I

think resonates with most people,” Paccione said.

Colorado Sen. Peggy Reeves, D-Larimer County, was optimistic

about the effect of Redford’s speech.

“This energizes voters. I think you focus only the values that

he talked about,” Reeves said. “It gets everyone’s juices pumping

and gets people energized.”

Redford concluded his speech by urging Fort Collins community

members to voice their opinions.

“I think you all share with me, otherwise you wouldn’t be here

today, the knowledge that it’s certainly not going to come from the

top, or the way the top groups leads us, it has to come from the

bottom, it has to come from change,” Redford said.

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