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Oct 172004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Robert Redford didn’t make it through college.

Redford began at University of Colorado-Boulder but lost his

baseball scholarship because of excessive drinking, according to


As voters this fall, we must be aware of whom we take our

political advise from. Everyone has a right to his or her opinion

and some voices will naturally reach more than others.

Stars in Hollywood do not have access to more information than

anyone else, and voters should understand that the opinions of the

rich and famous are just that – opinions.

It’s awesome that some people have widespread influence and the

opportunity to bring up issues in an election as important as the

upcoming one, but credentials should never be ignored.

It’s great that Redford is going around the country discussing

important topics such as the environment, but take everything he or

any other actors say with a grain of salt.

Movie stars don’t receive a political science degree along with

their first Oscar, and political intelligence isn’t earned with a

Hollywood star.

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