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Authors: James Baetke

GREELEY– This isn’t your mother’s Tupperware party.

At first glance, the table displays cream cheese pinwheels, a breakable bread bowl and plenty of margaritas. As partygoers arrive fashionably late, they see another table, just as decorative and appealing.

The difference between the two tables is pretty noticeable. The second table does contain some edible items, though not as their primary functions, but in a more sexual way. Crammed on the card table are sensual creams, 9-inch plastic penises, and lubrications, some of which are edible.

“Who made these meatballs? They taste so good,” one woman asked as she dropped a penis-shaped ice cube into her cocktail.

Passion Parties Inc. and similar companies are very popular across the country, including the party that took place Friday night in Greeley. Whether they’re in rural or urban communities, these sex-toy workshops are in the business of selling all sorts of sex-related items, many of them catering to female genitalia, but also toward couples.

There are some states in the United States that do not allow the sale of sex toys, and some communities in the past have erupted with anger once they discovered that these parties were taking place behind closed doors.

“You certainly find these little utopias surrounded by conservative views,” said Cynthia Wittstruck, a 10-year Passion Party consultant.

Wittstruck said many of the women who host and attend these parties are mothers themselves or older women.

The business mindset behind the company has often been described as a “pyramid scheme,” but Wittstruck insists that is not the case. Each consultant builds his or her own clientele, selling products and making profit, and eventually hiring other consultants to do work underneath them.

While still under the corporate level, Wittstruck is about five levels deep, she said, with about seven people working under her in Colorado. The 36-year-old wife just left Colorado for Iowa City, Iowa, to further her business and expand her profits. She plans to open a sex store and currently makes money selling adult toys on the Internet for

Passion Parties.

“It is a great feeling in selling a woman in her 40s her first dildo,” Wittstruck said.

Georgeanne Buccine, a Passion Party sales consultant in Greeley under Wittstruck’s supervision, hosts parties frequently in her home and also does house calls in much of Northern Colorado, including Fort Collins.

Young people are also interested in the new trend, said Buccine, who has conducted bachelorette parties in Fort Collins for groups of college women.Buccine considers herself a professional businesswoman. She sells and demonstrates her products at parties and equips partygoers with catalogs and pamphlets to place orders.

“I got into this business going to a Passion Party myself,” Buccine said.

Back at the party, most of Buccine’s audience for the night is her fianc/’s family and a couple of other friends. Among the 10 women, mostly middle-aged, including a mother-daughter duo, are two men. One man goes out the door early, leaving his female companion behind.

Before the party even began Buccine yells: “We are going to play a game. It is called ‘fake your own orgasm.'”

The occupants giggles and shifts their eyes, sipping their mixed drinks. One man volunteers, but the game never happened because no one else would step up to recreate that famous orgasm scene from “When Harry Met Sally.”

The show had to go on.

Buccine presents many of the items on the sex-toy table and informed everyone on them, including the ins-and-outs of how to use lubrication and advice on giving oral sex to a man, holding up tasty cinnamon lube.

She passed around signature pheromone products, anal-pleasure products and a strap-on plastic penis.

The night rolled on and these women and man were bellowing with laughter, asking sex questions and are generally enjoying their sex night.

“We have some things for the guys (like flavorful breast cream), because it is not always about (women), although it should be,” Buccine said.

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