Jammin’ At twelve am

Oct 132004
Authors: Gabrielle Heise

Chances are twelve am means nothing more to you than your high school curfew, but that is soon to change. Twelve am is an exhilarating new band playing tonight at the Starlight Theatre.

Although the band is generally categorized as progressive rock, lead singer Jeff Wiant has a much more expressive description of its sound.

“If (our sound was) a big stew you’d throw in some screaming, a lot of melody, some metal guitar riffs and a little poppy-ness,” Wiant said.

The band consists of Wiant, Tony Clarke on drums, Chris Reeves on bass and Joey Barba on guitar. Clarke and Wiant have been playing together since high school. After going through a couple different member lineups they finally settled on this one about a year and a half ago, the four of them have been together ever since.

“(Our sound is) Aggressive with melodic characteristics – aggressive but not necessarily in a negative way,” Clarke said.

Maybe a better way to describe where these guys sound is coming from, is to acknowledge their influences. The Bled, The Used, Grace like Gravity and A Static Lullaby are a few of the bands that inspire the members of twelve am.

Wiant used to write all his songs in the middle of the night, which is where the band name came from.

“That’s just when my creative juices were flowin’,” Wiant said.

Currently the band is trying to promote its up and coming album, “Full Great,” with four shows around the Front Range, including tonight at the Starlight, 167 College Ave. The musicians’ ultimate goal is to make a career out of their music, and their first tour is expected to start next fall.

“Not anything too great or glorifying, but a living,” Clarke said.

A major part of their fan base is in Fort Collins, and they are trying to expand into Colorado Springs and widen the fan base they already have in Denver.

“They usually bring in a decent crowd – they are a hit with the ladies,” said Chip Gutherie, an employee at the Starlight.

So gather up some friends, make your way downtown and check them out.

Tonight at The Starlight with Hopesfall and Noise Ratchet doors open at 8 p.m.

Nov. 7 at University of Northern Colorado Ballroom with Three Days Grace and Grace like Gravity 7:30 p.m.

Nov. 15 at Rock Island with My Chemical Romance doors open at 7 p.m.

Nov 24 at Gothic Theatre with Step Short doors open at 8 p.m.

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