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Authors: Nicholas LoFaro

Tonight at the Aggie Theatre, CSU Snowriders will present Teton Gravity Research’s film “Soul Purpose.”

The Snowriders are a social club at CSU. Its primary goal is to engage members and non-members in day and weekend trips to the ski slopes.

CSU Snowriders are presenting the film in anticipation of the upcoming ski and snowboard season.

“These premieres that we show every fall and on the big screen are lots of fun. Everybody is always excited to watch it,” said Ledlie Mosch, club co-president. “I always want to get on the mountain afterwards. It’s the skier’s and snowboarder’s fix when they can’t have their (skiing or snowboarding) fix.”

The film is a compilation of trips that TGR has taken in Europe and the United States. Jackson Hole, Wyo., Russia and Alaska are some of the highlighted locations.

“Teton Gravity Research’s films are the cutting edge, (they) have their own flavor of filmmaking and are produced very well,” Mosch said.

Club members get a kick out of going to the show.

“Yeah, I had a lot of fun at last year’s movie,” said Kyle Corcoran, a junior natural resources/forestry major. “The sound system is loud and watching the film on a big screen makes me really eager for the weather to change so I can ski.”

Skiing and snowboarding are huge parts of Colorado culture, and the Snowriders offer opportunity and fellowship to students interested in discovering the sports, or to those who already enjoy them.

“Ledlie and I are both from the East Coast so the mountains are why we decided to go to CSU. Snowboarding is why I came to Colorado,” said

Trevor Gamble, co-president of CSU Snowriders.

The ski industry in Colorado represents a lot of what the state has to offer.

“Growing up, my dad lived in Aspen so I always heard stories about

Colorado and wanted to come here,” Mosch said.

The showing of “Soul Purpose” will also feature a raffle for new

bindings, and the crowd will be kept busy with throw-outs and giveaways.

“We like to keep the crowd stoked,” Gamble said.

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