Oct 122004
Authors: Laura Epple

Vital Stats:

Name: Katie Jo Shirley-Cahoon

Year: Senior

Position: Middle Blocker

Interesting random fact: The first volleyball player in 15 years

to receive all-state honors from Coeur d’ Alene High School in the

small town of Hayden, Idaho.

Calm, determined charisma emanates from Katie Jo Shirley-Cahoon

like the constant ebb of waves in a tide. It reverberates off her

teammates on the court to create synergy and control momentum in

games. This steady emotion has allowed the No. 7 Rams to crash over

opponents this season, pulling them down in an undertow of CSU


As one of the Rams’ starting middle blockers, the 6-foot senior

is a cool-headed, versatile leader on the court. She has racked up

clutch blocks, chased shanked balls into stands and has posted

conference-leading numbers in hitting efficiency since her

sophomore year. This has led to two successive selections for the

Mountain West All-Conference team since 2002.

Last year, Shirley-Cahoon led the MWC with her .415 hitting

efficiency, which also ranked eighth nationally. She also added

1.02 blocks and 2.02 digs per game, leading the Rams in both


Shirley-Cahoon is continuing to put up impressive numbers this

year and is leading the MWC in hitting percentage again,

capitalizing with a .392 efficiency. This mark is on line to

compete with the hitting percentage of two-time All-American Angela

Knopf, who holds the record of CSU top career hitting percentage.

She is also second on the team in blocks and has scored 13 career

double-doubles to date.

The multifaceted player, who has helped the Rams to 13 wins so

far this season, is described as always being “above the net,” said

Heather Kennedy, CSU assistant director of media relations.

Shirley-Cahoon’s versatility appears to translate to her life off

the court as well.

She exhibits a verve for her small-town Idaho roots with her

preference for all country music, especially anything by Tim

McGraw. When it comes to food, she also favors more rural flavors,

as steak tops her list of choice chow.

Shirley-Cahoon does not hesitate when it comes to her movies of

choice and “50 First Dates” tops the list.

When it comes to getting a tattoo, she is not thrilled about the

idea of a permanent ink decoration.

“I would get some sort of tribal sign thing, but only if I was

forced to,” Shirley-Cahoon said.

When it comes to her dislikes, her number one pet peeve is

finding hair in the sink.

Shirley-Cahoon is pursuing her degree in recreation and tourism

and is undecided about what she will do after she graduates.

“I think you can do pretty much anything with any major,”

Shirley-Cahoon said

After her tenure at CSU, she might actually have some time to

hang out with her husband, Francis Cahoon. They were married in

January, but because of busy schedules they don’t see each other

much. Shirley-Cahoon finds it hard to balance volleyball, school

and her marriage.

“I always just want to be spending time with him instead of

doing homework,” Shirley-Cahoon said. “I have to manage my


Special powers would probably be necessary to handle a schedule

any more chaotic than Shirley-Cahoon’s. She does plan on being a

superhero of some sort for Halloween, but her ability to galvanize

teammates and agitate opponents with her poised demeanor is more

than a Halloween costume.

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