Oct 122004
Authors: Megan Buettgenbach

Many CSU students think about a future career, but Derek Galley

doesn’t have time to think anymore.

Galley, a junior health and exercise science major, is the

co-owner and president of a Maui Wowi Fresh Hawaiian Blends

franchise in Fort Collins.

Maui Wowi sells fresh fruit smoothies, Kona Island coffee, Rip

Sticks – a type of frozen yogurt bar – and more, Galley said.

His franchise is a mobile kiosk that he sets up at places like

the Larimer County Fair.

While running a franchise adds a lot to Galley’s plate, he said

it was not as hard as he thought it would be.

Galley, 21, said the added accountability has even helped out in

some areas of his life.

“It’s improved responsibility in a lot of categories in my

life,” he said. “You don’t just make sure you have to be at work,

you need to make sure your employees show up, too. It gives you

respect toward your old managers and what they had to go


It sometimes affects other aspects of his life.

“It’s chaotic and busy,” Galley said. “You have to sacrifice

your social life in some regards. When friends go out, I’m at home

trying to line up events. But in a lot of respects, you have a lot

of flexibility because you decide your own hours. The freedom pays

off despite the obligations.”

The idea of starting a Maui Wowi franchise first started when

Galley’s mother, Arnell Galley, sent him an article about the

company last April.

“In March 2004, (the Galley family) purchased the Maui Wowi

franchise, of which Derek is primary operator,” Arnell said.

Owning a franchise sometimes conflicts with school, but Derek

said it is just like any other job.

“Right at the beginning of the school year it was a little bit

troublesome because a lot of the events are then, but it cools down

further into the semester,” Derek said.

Matt Swenson, regional manager for Derek’s Maui Wowi franchise,

said Derek has what it takes to get the job done.

“He is a really talented, business-minded individual,” said

Swenson, a senior sports medicine major. “He is really good at

school and has great customer service skills as well.”

Derek is trying to get Maui Wowi into the Budweiser Events

Center for the winter. He has even bigger hopes for the future.

“The plan down the road is to get a Maui Wowi shop down in Old

Town,” he said.

Arnell believes this could be a reality.

“I think he has a really strong work ethic,” she said. “He has

grown in and around a family that has been self-employed. He has

motivation to know what it takes to get business to grow.”

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