Oct 122004
Authors: Clark Reader

A CSU student broke his neck and may be paralyzed after

reportedly jumping from a tree into a pile of leaves Sunday evening

outside Parmelee Hall.

“Around 6:15 on Sunday evening we got a call that people were

jumping out of a tree and that one made it fine, but one was hurt

pretty significantly,” said Capt. Bob Chaffee of the CSU Police


Chaffee said the student’s name and condition cannot be released

at this time because of federal health privacy laws.

Many students on campus have heard about the incident, but no

one seems to know anything concrete.

“I didn’t see him fall out of the tree, I just saw the fire

truck,” said Lindsey Hillman, a freshmen business major.

“He was in a huge pile of leaves. (Paramedics) were still

throwing leaves off of him.”

The injured student was with friends when the accident


“This kid said when he fell he snapped his neck,” Hillman said.

“It didn’t look so pretty.”

Hillman said the student was wearing a neck brace and was placed

on a stretcher.

The student was taken to Poudre Valley Hospital in an ambulance,

Chaffee said.

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