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Oct 122004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

There’s a lot at stake in the coming election.

Candidates at various governmental levels need to consider many

key issues.

But the fact is, some issues are more important than others,

even if they don’t get as much attention.

Three of the widely discussed issues this year have been gay

marriage, abortion and the death penalty. While these issues are

extremely important to many people, they take a backseat to the

issues that aren’t as controversial. Issues such as health care,

the economy, national defense and the war in Iraq affect every

single person more directly than whether abortions can be conducted

or homosexuals can legally be married.

People need to learn what candidates have planned to improve the

economy and increase the number of jobs. They need to learn how

candidates plan to protect individuals’ rights and individuals’

lives in the shadow of the Patriot Act. They need to know what our

candidates have planned to get U.S. soldiers out of Iraq.

Gay marriage is important to a lot of people, but it mainly

affects homosexuals. Abortion is important, but mainly affects

people who are facing an unwanted pregnancy. The death penalty is

important, but it mainly affects criminals and their families.

These issues are important. But it’s more important to make sure

you’re also paying attention to the issues that will directly

affect everyone.

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