Oct 122004
Authors: Vincent Adams

Marilyn Musgrave, our district’s representative for the U.S.

House of Representatives, is a rising star in the world of


Back in early September, “Newsweek” magazine selected our

representative as one of seven Republican stars, joining the ranks

of well-known and well-respected Republicans like New York Gov.

George Pataki, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and the

maverick himself, Arizona Sen. John McCain.

This is quite an accomplishment for the “freshman”

representative. Too bad this silly rising star moniker is the only

accomplishment Musgrave can boast, and accomplishment is hardly the

correct word.

Musgrave received this pat of the back because she brought gay

marriage to the national spotlight. She introduced the Federal

Marriage Amendment, a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution

banning gay marriage. The bill is being debated in Congress.

Musgrave’s bill promotes fascism. Musgrave and Republicans can

spin this bill and its school of thought anyway they see fit, but

this proposal is fascist because it asserts one group of people

(heterosexuals) is better than another (homosexuals), and it

singles out homosexuals and denies any possibility of extending

basic marriage rights to gay couples.

Republicans supporting Musgrave’s bill say the bill doesn’t

intend to harm gay and lesbian couples, arguing this proposal is

designed to protect the sanctity of marriage. But marriage – a word

with religious connotation – is something that can be protected

through private churches and other religious organizations.

Further, states and the federal government should separate from

the term marriage all together and recognize only unions. That way

marriage could be a religious definition and states could recognize

non-sex-specific unions, and homosexual couples could receive the

same benefits allotted to today’s heterosexual couples.

But what I propose would be fair for all is something Musgrave

simply can’t tolerate because she makes it painfully clear her

agenda and platform supports only the religious right.

Even if you disagree with the idea that gay couples are entitled

to marriage rights, sane people recognize it is completely

unnecessary to create a constitutional amendment banning gay

marriage. No state is forced to recognize another state’s gay

union, and only Massachusetts recognizes gay marriage and Vermont

allows civil unions. Unions and gay marriages are something

independent states should decide.

But Musgrave is a cunning elephant because she has distracted

Coloradans from the real issues facing this district, all while

making it appear she has been doing something in Congress. When she

ran against Stan Matsunaka in 2002, Musgrave’s platform focused on

gay marriage and abortion, while “Stan the Man” spoke of Northern

Colorado’s growth and economic issues.

Matsunaka seeks to improve our quality of life, and his platform

focuses on our everyday concerns. Musgrave pretty much did nothing

in her two-year stint (aside from highlighting the gay marriage

issue) and has said really nothing about growth and the economy in

her reelection bid this year.

Musgrave’s becoming a star came at the expense of real issues

facing this district. Gay marriage and abortion are hot-button

issues that will probably never be resolved because the emotions

are too high and nobody will compromise. Besides, if there is a ban

on gay marriage, does that create more jobs or manage growth?


Musgrave is a do-nothing politician promoting a fascist agenda.

Does she really represent “Western” values, as she states she does

on her Web site? Has her presence in Congress and her achieved

rising star status improved your life? Answer these questions Nov.

2 in the voting booth.


Vince Adams is a graduate student studying English. His column

runs every Tuesday in the Collegian.

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