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Authors: Nate Ramos

The Rams finished their fall season on Saturday and Sunday by

splitting four games in the Big Red Fall Classic in Lincoln,


The Rams dropped the first two games on Saturday against

Nebraska-Omaha and Nebraska but picked up victories against the

Cornhuskers and Kansas Jayhawks on Sunday.

They first took the field on Saturday morning against

Nebraska-Omaha. The Mavericks were able to beat the Rams by

shutting them down and preventing them from coming back.

Nebraska-Omaha would go on to win the game by a score of 6-3.

On Saturday afternoon, the Rams faced the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

In the first inning, three errors and a wild pitch allowed Nebraska

to get on the board and take an early 2-0 lead. The Huskers would

continue running up the score in the second inning aided by another

CSU error.

In the third, an attempted Rams rally fell short after having

runners at first and third with no outs when a double play and a

popup ended the inning. The Huskers scored another run in the fifth

inning and beat the Rams 7-0. Junior pitcher JayCee Wood took the


“Saturday we got beat in both games. Our players played very

flat or uninspired,” said head coach Mary Yori. “Every individual

knew they did not play to their potential. They took it upon

themselves to play on Sunday.”

Sunday proved to be more forgiving for the Rams, as they were

given a chance for revenge in a rematch against Nebraska. The game

remained scoreless until the fourth inning when the Rams scored

three runs on seven hits off freshman Aztec pitcher Jordan Keen.

The Rams knocked in one more run in the seventh inning to win the

game 4-0.

In the tournament’s last game, the Rams took the diamond against

Kansas. In a tight defensive battle, CSU managed to get one run

across the plate to secure a 1-0 win.

With the victories, the Rams finished the fall season with an

overall record of 8-3.

“This weekend was a good learning experience. When you come

unprepared you can get beat pretty bad,” Yori said. “We didn’t play

consistently or inspired, and that will be our goal for the


The next Rams softball game will not take place until Feb. 3

when the Rams take on Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo, Calif.

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