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Oct 112004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

It was sort of a celebration. It was sort of a shame.

On Monday, people had the opportunity to participate in National

Coming Out Day.

Perhaps they were coming out for the first time, perhaps they

were telling a family member or perhaps they were supporting a


The stereotypes that surround homosexuality in this country are

undeniable to anyone of any sexual orientation. Historically,

stereotypes have led to misjudgments and characterizations that

have segregated a sector of the population that deserves to be

judged on its individual merits.

You may agree with homosexuality, you may disagree, but as

Americans we should respect each individual’s pursuit of happiness

and privacy.

Monday offered an opportunity for people of the Fort Collins and

CSU communities to see that there is a large population of gay

students and citizens. But one has to wonder how many students may

still have been scared into staying off the Lory Student Center

Plaza and staying in the closet because of existing


It is sad that in a free society people have to have a

designated day to express who they truly are.

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