Oct 102004
Authors: Andrew Nuth

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the masterminds behind the hit

television show “South Park” are at it again.

“Team America: World Police” once again comments about society

through humor, like Parker and Stone are famous for.

Driven by modern politics, many movies and documentaries have

explored the U.S. foreign policy over the last few years.

Team America is another one of those social-commentary movies,

demonstrating what it is like to be an American post-Sept. 11,


Only this time, it’s with puppets.

Never before have puppets been so crude, offensive and

hilarious. Instead of featuring actors, “Team America” features

marionette puppets, many of which were modeled after real actors.

Stone and Parker’s contempt for actors in general is apparent as

the puppet actors in the movie are tricked by the terrorists into

believing that their mission is actually peace, not violence.

Needless to say, the puppet actors were the brunt of almost as many

jokes as the terrorists.

From the name of the movie to the “Team America” logo: an eagle

with the world gripped in its beak, it is obvious that the movie is

a criticism of U.S. foreign policy.

“Team America” acts recklessly, destroying more historical

landmarks than have ever appeared in a movie before, all in the

name of stopping terrorists with weapons of mass destruction.

Marionettes puppets don’t make great action fighters, but they

do make funny characters. When the puppets get into

hand-to-handcombat, the audience can do nothing but laugh.

The movie has the single most hilarious sex scene ever


The soundtrack from the movie is as hilarious as the movie


Not everyone will agree with Parker and Stone, but those that

can put their political views aside, will enjoy “Team America.”

Three and one half out of four rams

Check out this weeks Dish for an

interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and find out why they

rock so hard.

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