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Oct 102004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Today’s Monday Morning Politics features a question-and-answer

interview with the 4th Congressional District Green Party candidate

Bob Kinsey.

The United States has a two-party system. In the 2000

presidential election, voting results were extremely close, showing

that neither party overwhelmingly holds the majority’s support.

Therefore, in the coming election, we urge you to look at other

options. If the Republican or Democratic parties do not appeal to

you, they are not your only choice.

This is not a knock against either of these parties, nor is it

an endorsement of the Green Party. It’s just important to look at

all the available alternatives when you are considering your vote.

Even if you decide to go with the party with which you usually

align, it’s a good idea to see what other parties have to say. It

may help you figure out what’s missing in either party’s


None of the parties have all the answers, and none of them are

likely to offer candidates who support everything that you support.

But at least if you consider all the alternatives, you can make an

educated choice to go with the candidate and/or party that most

closely aligns with your beliefs and views.

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