Oct 102004
Authors: Clarke Reader

With Cans Around the Oval less than a week away, student

organizations and community members hit the Lory Student Center

Plaza Friday to participate in the fourth annual CANstruction


“CANstruction is a great way to get people more aware of Cans

Around the Oval and have fun with it,” said Ashley Withington,

special events co-coordinator for Cans Around the Oval, which will

take place on Oct. 14.

Six groups gathered in the Plaza from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to build

sculptures with cans, and then waited while students voted for

their favorite structure.

The six groups involved in the event were students from Parmelee

Hall, the Associated Students of CSU, LSC, Campus Recreation,

Environmental Health Student Association and Lincoln IB World

Junior High School.

“(Associated Students of CSU) always likes to be involved in

Cans Around the Oval,” said Jonathan Muler, a senior English major

and ASCSU senator. “Hopefully people will realize what Cans Around

the Oval is all about — that people are in need and everyone can


Campus Recreation won the event in the past, and was looking for

another win.

“We really like to help the food bank and we’re very

competitive,” said Aaron Harris, sports coordinator for Campus


There was no limit to group size and for some groups the reasons

for participating were multi-faceted.

“We participate in CANstruction for two reasons: because the

food bank really needs help with collecting food this year and to

help bring our organization together,” said Tom Luben, a graduate

student in environmental health and a member of the EHSA.

The Lincoln Association of Visual Arts, a group from Lincoln IB

World Junior High School took the day off from their school day to


“We promote arts through community service,” said Julie Hansen,

an art teacher at the school. “We hope that people will see that

the whole is more than the sum of its parts.”

Rules for the sculptures mandated that they be self-supporting,

use only prepackaged food, use only cardboard for leveling, the

cans must not be harmed and there can be no preassembly.

CANstruction is done a week before of Cans Around the Oval to

increase recognition of the event.

“We want to raise awareness, and get people to stop and notice

and get them interested,” said Kristen Reed, special events

co-coordinator for Cans Around the Oval.

At the end of the day after the votes had been counted, Lincoln

IB World Junior High School won first place with a four-foot high

bowl and spoon. ASCSU came in second, with a model of Sonny Lubick

Field at Hughes Stadium, and third place went to Campus

Recreation’s giant boxing glove with the slogan “knock out


The event raised 4,881 pounds of food, which will go to the Food

Bank for Larimer County.

“Knowing the ultimate outcome of what we will be doing is

important — feeding people,” Reed said. “It’s all about seeing the

bigger picture.”


1st Place – Lincoln IB World Jr.

High – Bowl and Spoon

2nd Place – ASCSU – Sonny Lubick’s

Field at Hughes Stadium

3rd Place – Campus Recreation –

Boxing Glove, “Knock out Hunger”

Parmalee Hall – Duck, “Quack out


Lory Student Center – Model of


Environmental Health Student

Association – Jail cell, “Put Hunger Behind Bars”

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