Bob Kinsey

Oct 102004
Authors: Brian Park

Bob Kinsey is the Green Party candidate running for the 4th

Congressional District in Colorado for the U.S. House of

Representatives against incumbent Republican Marilyn Musgrave and

Democratic candidate Stan Matsunaka.

Kinsey was born in New York City. He moved from Castle Rock to

Fort Collins to become eligible to run in the 4th District.

Kinsey was a Democratic District Captain Campaign worker for all

campaigns in Colorado from 1968 to 1994 except between 1980 and

1981 when he lived in England. He worked on Ralph Nader’s campaigns

for president in 1996 and 2000. He taught social studies and

history at Golden High School for 25 years and was a recipient of

the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Education. He is now


In an interview on Oct. 6, Kinsey met up with the Collegian at

Woody’s Pizza to answer some questions about Colorado and the


Bob Kinsey Interview 10-6-04

Q: What do you think the biggest issues are that you need to

address as Election Day nears?

A: I came to run against Marilyn Musgrave who doesn’t know

what’s going on. She has been blanket support for the war our

president got us into by lies and misinformation and for the wrong

reasons. She doesn’t know what’s going on.

Q: How would you improve the economy of this district?

A: We should be supporting people who are going back to the land

as organic farmers. We ought to do something about the fact I think

an acre a day goes under the blade here to for development and

suburban housing . . .

Q: Voter turnout for my demographic, age 18 to 24, has been

really low. What would say to those people to get them out to


A: If you want a future, vote Green Party.

Q: 100,000 or more in District 4 go without healthcare. What do

think needs to be done to get these people care?

A: We need single-payer healthcare, just like Medicare for

everybody. We need the government to pay doctors. You have got to

let the doctors practice medicine not in the name of profit but in

the name of making the patients well… We are all subject to the

same dangers; we therefore should provide the healthcare necessary

to combat them.

Q: What do you think about the federal marriage amendment that

was proposed by Marilyn Musgrave, but voted down in the House?

A: That comes out of some knee-jerk religious viewpoint of what

God has ordained. If two people want to be married in that

definition of marriage, regardless of their sexual orientation,

praise God, that’s wonderful that they want to see themselves

having a richer life in tandem with another human being… That’s

wonderful; we ought to celebrate…

Q: I am a CSU student and tuition is increasing and the cost of

college is rising. What can you do to help CSU and other colleges

in District 4?

A: We should give to every person the possibility of going as

far as they can go based on their academic performance and success

without having to worry about it. Whether that comes from the

federal or the state budgets, we got to get rid of the Taxpayer’s

Bill of Rights.

Q: If you get elected, what would be the three things you would

try to implement/ assess?

A: I certainly would work on the healthcare issue. I would

certainly work on correcting our agricultural programs and policies

so that they favor organic farming and stop rewarding and giving

special breaks to corporate agriculture. I of course, would work to

ensure that our federal defense budget was directed toward creating

real defense rather than buying incredibly complex weapons that are

either immoral to use or are ineffective in dealing with the kinds

of situations we need to involve ourselves in if we’re going to

keep ourselves safe. I would keep a sharp eye on the defense

budget; it would not have a blank check from me. On the other hand

I would never allow our soldiers to go unequipped with flak jackets

and the proper equipment they need to do a job we have asked them

to do. I would not vote for new nuclear weapons.

Q: Do you think you can win District 4?

A: . . . at least I can win in a sense. I can bring these issues

for people to look at.

Q: Do you have anything to add?

A: … Register Green, that’s my big message. Get involved in

the Green Party, make it work and build it so nobody can every say

Greens don’t have a chance because they don’t have support.

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