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Oct 072004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Almost every time you turn on the television you will see

political campaign ads that do nothing more than finger-point and

candidate bash. These ads aren’t telling you why you should vote

for their party’s candidate or what qualifies their candidate to

represent you effectively.

Voters need less biased and more accurate information to make an

intelligent decision when they go to the polls.

We encourage everyone to watch the second presidential debate at

7 p.m. on Friday. The debate brings the candidates’ viewpoints

straight to the voters. The debates aren’t previously aired and

edited; instead the candidates are forced to candidly debate the


This is a more effective way to get your information and decide

for yourself whether or not you agree. After each debate, facts

brought up in the debate are verified and the media analyzes them

for the public. You can go to www.factcheck.org to check the facts


Next week we will be running a full-page chart on the issues

being debated and the stance that President George W. Bush, Sen.

John Kerry and Ralph Nader take on each one. Hopefully this chart

will help you see each viewpoint side-by-side.

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