Only Our Opinions Matter

Oct 072004
Authors: Scott Bondy, Paul Baker

Topic 1: Every professional sports’ league has its token baby,

the one who never stops whining. Baseball has George Steinbrenner,

the NBA has, well pretty much everybody, and the NFL has Ricky

Williams who is now trying to make a comeback after his brief

retirement. It seems that the Dolphins don’t have any interest

though. Should Williams be allowed to return and what will happen

if he does?

Baker: The Dolphins need him. At 0-4 they are going nowhere

fast. Can’t hurt to give him another shot.

Bondy: No one respects him anymore, although I’m not sure anyone

ever did.

Baker: I do. He went to Texas. Best sports school in the


Bondy: The Dolphins, if they’re smart, will retain the rights to

his contract. Then they should trade him to a team with a sorry

running game. The Cowboys will take him and then my boys will win

it all.

Topic 2: Is it a requirement for pro athletes to make babies all

over the place? Lebron James now fulfills that requirement after

becoming a daddy on Wednesday. Are James and his girlfriend, both

19, in over their heads?

Bondy: I guess he is a “King” and a daddy now.

Baker: Yeah, Prince James is going to be a lucky little kid.

That’s just messed up though. Lebron looks like he just went

through puberty.

Bondy: Yeah, that baby face is tricky.

Baker: The baby might affect his game this year, but that’s good

because he stole the Rookie of the Year Award from Carmelo


Topic 3: The baseball playoffs have begun. Our pick, the Red

Sox, are looking pretty solid and have cruised to a 2-0 lead in

their divisional series. The Twins, our other favorite, are 1-1

with the Yankees. How do the Yankees continue to get lucky when

they appear to be down and out?

Baker: They do have a solid team aside for their pitching. They

have clutch playmakers and luck is always on their side. It’s


Bondy: I have no reason to hate the Yankees, but I do. I hate

them and the Lakers. People who follow those teams are not true

sports fans, unless they are from Los Angeles or New York.

Baker: You gotta love the underdog. The Twins need a rally

monkey for good luck.

Topic 4: Q and A Lighting Round

Baker: Will the CSU football team win this weekend?

Bondy: No. Oh wait, they don’t play.

College game day picks:

No. 2 Oklahoma or No. 5 Texas?

Baker: Texas for the first time in four years.

Bondy: No chance. Oklahoma is the best team in the country.

No. 7 California or No. 1 USC?

Baker: Cal. The Trojans aren’t that impressive

Bondy: USC is overdue for a loss.

No. 14 Michigan or No. 13 Minnesota?

Baker: Minnesota. Michigan lost to Notre Dame.

Bondy: Minnesota. They’re running game is potent.

No. 3 Georgia or No. 17 Tennessee?

Baker: Georgia. They might be No. 1 by the end of the week.

Bondy: Georgia. Tennessee let me down last week. I hate Auburn


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