To the editor:

Oct 062004


While everyone is busy criticizing the images presented on the

Lory Student Center Plaza, I urge them to look at the brutal

honesty depicted by the display. Those are not cartoons we see.

Rather, they are photographs of actual events.

Ever since Roe vs. Wade, we Americans have found comfort in

denial and self-inflicted ignorance. We have tried to convince

ourselves that our children are not people until their mother has

held them in her arms after giving birth. We have tried to convince

ourselves that what is inside of a pregnant mother is a mere group

of cells, not a developing child. We choose to be ignorant, because

it is far less painful than the truth. You can turn to science, you

can turn to religion or you can adhere to common sense — all lead

to the condemnation of this inhumane act. Those images are

offensive; not because they are bloody and gruesome, but because

they reflect something very dark and humiliating about ourselves

and our culture.

Matt Hunzinger

Construction Management


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To the editor:

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Oct 062004

While walking through campus, looking up at the anti-abortion

billboards, I wondered how much something like that would cost. I

myself am pro-choice. However, I am true pro-choice. If having a

baby would mean ending your own life, that doesn’t strike me as a

choice. If your baby was a produce of rape or incest, that is not a

true choice. If you are so desperate and demoralized that you sell

your body, what choices are left for you? If you were 15 and being

pressured by your boyfriend or your parents, would you be strong

enough to make your own choice? If all the money put into campaigns

to make abortion illegal were put into programs like sex education,

equal rights for women, condoms and stopping sexual and physical

abuse of women, it would stop more abortions then any



Anne Regel

Sophomore chemistry major

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To the editor:

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Oct 062004

Once again, the anti-abortion group Justice For All has returned

to the CSU campus, and predictably once again it has stirred the

passions, both for and against. The two photos that accompanied the

story, “Abortion exhibit invades Plaza” on Oct. 5, reminded me that

a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

The first picture has sophomore speech communication student

Amanda Huerter smiling and holding a sign that reads, “Warning

Visual Assault Ahead!” Truer words were never spoken, or spoken

with more irony. The Justice For All exhibit is intended to do

exactly that: assault us with the truth of what exactly an abortion

looks like. If it did only that then it could rightly be judged as

little more than a nuisance, or an assault on our senses.

However, I suspect what Justice For All hopes to achieve by its

exhibit is to have the moral conscience of its captive audience

pricked. If even one is persuaded to choose life, I would consider

that a success.

The second photo has sophomore psychology major Holly Carpenter

arguing on behalf of “her right to be pro-choice.” Here again there

is an element of irony involved as she is making her case against a

backdrop of a class of humankind that is denied any say in that


The “choice,” or really the question, is this: Will the weakest

and most vulnerable members of the human race be protected, or will

they be left to whims of those like Ms. Carpenter?

Orin Ryssman

Staff, Information Systems

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To the editor:

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Oct 062004

First of all, I am a pro-choice American and do believe that the

abortion display invaded our campus. However, I feel compelled to

express my disgust with the biased reporting evidenced by the

Collegian’s Tuesday headline, “Abortion exhibit invades Plaza.”

Neutrality of the press is a cornerstone of the freedom of speech

and certainly a responsibility of a student-run paper.

In addition to the slanted headline, the only two pictures on

the front page were of students opposed to the display. One picture

of a supportive student would have better portrayed the CSU

population and would not have been visually offensive to anyone. I

hate to imagine our college newspaper with the opposite slant.

In the future, rather than contributing to the right’s

distracting argument of liberal media bias, I hope to see more

objective reporting so that students can focus on the actual

abortion debate. Opinions on such a controversial issue are always

best expressed on the editorial page. I hope my next letter can

focus on those.


Laura Jewett

graduate student, accounting

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