Oct 062004
Authors: Daniel Hallford

Touching its musical plane down in Fort Collins, the Julliard

String Quartet brings world-class music to CSU campus.

The world-renowned quartet will perform at 7:30 p.m. Friday

night in the new Edna Rizley Griffin Concert Hall at the new

University Center of the Arts. Known for their stage presence,

artistic expression and technical mastery of their instruments, the

Julliard String Quartet is an ensemble that will please the whole


“Thanks to the large gift of an anonymous donor, we have the

opportunity for a world-class musical treat – with no shred of

exaggeration – on Friday night at the Edna Rizley Griffin Concert

Hall, the Julliard String Quartet,” said Michael Thaut, co-director

of the school of the arts and Department of Music, Theatre and

Dance chair.

The Julliard School of Music is a private university in New York

City that has produced and some of the most talented musicians and

artists in the field. This concert is a unique opportunity for

students to experience some of the day’s best performers. Founded

in 1946 by the president of the Julliard School in New York, the

ensemble tries to provide a new outlet for modern works, as well as

a quality source for performances of well-known pieces. The quartet

tours regularly around the world, and its recorded works include

more than 100 pieces.

The winner of four Grammy awards, the Julliard String Quartet is

made up of faculty from the Julliard School, including Samuel

Rhodes on viola, Joel Krosnick on cello and Joel Smirnoff and

Ronald Copes on violin. Over the years, performers have rotated and

created diversity in talent.

“It’s really exciting to have such a good group come here. It’s

really unique,” said Elizabeth Linder, a graduate student in the

music therapy program. “It’s important for professional and

high-quality ensembles to come to CSU, because it shows students

that there are jobs out in the field. It is a source of


The Julliard String Quartet appears regularly in concert halls

in Europe, Asia, and North and South America, and because of the

new concert hall, it will making a stop in Colorado. CSUs’ new

world-class facility can better attract world-class artists like

the Julliard String Quartet.

“The more high-caliber performers you have, the more of a

commodity the program looks like,” said David McArther, a graduate

student in the piano performance program. “It makes (prospective

students) feel like they’re in an environment that is serious about

music. An opportunity to see good performers is important for


But this show can be beneficial for more than just students.

“The arts are part of life, and necessary because they provide

culture and political commentary, as well as an appreciation for

beauty that I think our country is lacking right now,” Linder



The Julliard String Quartet will

perform at 7:30 p.m. Friday in the University Center for the Arts.

Call 491-4TIX for tickets and information.

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