Oct 062004
Authors: Amy Hochevar

Patrick Hutchinson embodies what it is to be a CSU student in

Greek Life, and the nation has noticed.

“The Greek community, as a whole, would benefit by having more

people like Hutch,” said Tim Ulrich, a graduated member of the

Delta Chi fraternity.

On Aug. 14, Hutchinson, also known as “Hutch,” was honored with

the Howard H. Baker award for his work at the Pi Kappa Phi


The Howard H. Baker award is given to Pi Kappa Phi’s leading

undergraduate member – the student who has made the biggest

difference to his chapter, campus and community. Hutchinson’s award

is one of two awards that Pi Kappa Phi gives to individual

undergraduate members.

Hutchinson, a senior at CSU and a double major in computer

science and business administration, intends to graduate in May


“I don’t do it for my own recognition. For whatever it might be,

I have an interest in … making CSU a better place. I just want to

make a lasting impact on the university,” Hutchinson said. “I want

to send my kids here. I want my children to be Greek here.”

Hutchinson joined Pi Kappa Phi the second semester of his

sophomore year. He chose Pi Kappa Phi because it is the only

fraternity that has its own philanthropy. Push America, the

national project of Pi Kappa Phi, serves disabled U.S.


All the fraternities on campus elected Hutchinson as the

Inter-Fraternity Council president in November.

At this position, Hutchinson acts as a liaison between the

campus, administration and the fraternities. He said he is working

to make the fraternity system stronger.

Hutchinson also works to make new fraternity members feel

welcome in the Greek community.

“He shows them the ropes,” said Rob Schneider, the president of

the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. “He’s a guy people look up to. I go to

him all the time.”

In addition to his involvement in Greek Life, Hutchinson is also

involved with many philanthropies including the Order of Omega, the

Associated Students of CSU, the Summit Fund and Up ’til Dawn.

“Patrick is a very caring individual who believes in exhibiting

high moral character in everything that he does,” said Mark

Koepsell, director of Greek Life.

While Hutchinson completes his large projects with pride, he

also takes a vested interest in individuals in his fraternity.

“I believe wholeheartedly in the ideals of my fraternity,”

Hutchinson said. “And one of the huge things is building better men

and I don’t want a guy to join my chapter if they’re not going to

be a better man four years later when they graduate from the


And despite his various other activities, Hutchinson believes he

is a better man for having been a member of Greek Life.

“As much as I’m involved with everything else, Pi Kappa Phi is

always an interest of mine and is always in my heart. And I have

worked hard every day for the chapter,” Hutchinson said. “Pi Kappa

Phi changed my college career.”

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