CSU woman raped by two men

Oct 062004
Authors: Courtesy of CBS Channel 4 news

A CSU student’s mother is hopeful a composite sketch will help

police locate two men who she said attacked and raped her daughter

Saturday night.

The 23-year-old woman was walking home alone early Saturday

morning along West Myrtle Street when a man offered her a ride.

“She got into the backseat,” the woman’s mother said in an

interview with CBS News 4. “She realized they weren’t taking her in

the right direction.”

The car then reportedly drove to an area unfamiliar to the woman

and the driver got into the back seat.

“He was slapping her, he was pulling at her clothes. She was

fighting him back,” the woman’s mother said.

The driver allegedly raped the woman. The two men then abandoned

her in the area of Shields Street and Vine Drive.

The woman was then aided by a stranger who offered her a ride

home. She accepted and told her family at that point she said to

herself, “What else could happen to me?”

Fort Collins Police Services is continuing to look for this good

Samaritan, in addition to the two attackers.

“I could have been identifying my daughter at the hospital

morgue,” the woman’s mother said.

Instead she’s making copies of the suspect’s police sketches and

hanging them throughout Fort Collins.

“I want them to find him and I want to make sure he can’t do

this to another girl,” the woman’s mother said.

FCPS calls this case high priority and say there were no

witnesses to the crimes.

The Collegian was unable to reach FCPS before press time to get

a copy of the suspect’s composite sketch.

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The driver is described as a black, slightly

overweight man, about 6-feet tall in his mid-’20s with short black


The second suspect, who was in the passenger seat, is described as

a black man, about 5-foot-8-inches tall with a medium build, also

in his mid-’20s and with sideburns that extended to be bottom of

his earlobes.

The suspects were driving “a white, four-door, mid-size import,”

with an older version of the Colorado green and white license

plate.If you have any information please contact Fort Collins

Police Services at 416-2271.

This information was obtained from the Channel 7 Web site at


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