Oct 062004
Authors: Kathryn Dailey

Fall paints Colorado vibrant colors of red, yellow and orange,

but soon the temperatures will drop and snow will blanket the


The changing of seasons provides a large expanse of activities

for people to take part in.

Right now the aspen leaves and other trees are wrapping up their

summer to fall transition. The colors can only be seen for a short

time in fall, and their beauty draws people into the mountains.

Mary Bollinger, visitor assistant for the U.S. National Forest

Service, said it is an interesting year for aspen trees because

some of the trees have already lost leaves in higher elevations

while in lower elevations they are just beginning to turn.

“The aspens can change dramatically within a short time if the

leaves are ready to drop,” Bollinger said.

The upper Poudre Canyon, along the Cache le Poudre River on

Highway 14, and Rocky Mountain National Park are some places

Bollinger recommended looking.

Marcus Rasmussen, a sophomore English major, grew up in the Fort

Collins area. His favorite area to go to see the leaves change is

the Poudre Canyon. Rasmussen said the canyon is a great place for

hiking and taking pictures of the trees.

“I just love the way the light plays off the leaves,” Rasmussen


Sarah Dirscherl, a sophomore political science and criminology

major, said Fort Collins is beautiful in the fall, but she believes

the season can’t compare to winter.

“There is just something about winter and waking up to see frost

on the trees,” Dirscherl said.

She said winter feels “more intimate” to her, which is one of

the reasons it is her favorite season.

Summer and winter are the peak tourist seasons for Colorado.

There are more visitors in summer, but more money is spent in the

winter, said Stefanie Dalgar, director of communications for the

Office of Economic Development and International Trade.

People come to Colorado in the winter primarily for skiing and

snowboarding, but snowshoeing is also gaining popularity, Dalgar

said. Other activities include ice climbing and fishing, relaxing

at the resorts or in the hot springs.

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