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Oct 052004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

In the past few weeks, there has been a concentration of

Democratic candidates coming to the CSU campus.

We’ve had presidential candidate John Kerry’s wife, his stepson

and U.S. House of Representatives candidate Stan Matsunaka, among

several others.

This is the primary reason there has been a lot of Democratic

coverage in the Collegian lately.

However, the Collegian staff makes a very conscious effort to

remain unbiased. We have tried to get hold of several Republican

candidates, but have been unable to secure interviews for various

reasons. We do not promote one party’s views over the other and

would like to give equal attention to both parties.

While we appreciate the attention CSU has received from the

Democratic Party, it would be beneficial to have more Republican

representation on campus and in the newspaper. Students need to

hear both sides of the issues, as that is the only way to have good

discourse on campus and promote effective debate.

Candidates are a good source of information for students to

learn about individual parties and the views each party holds.

We would like to encourage the candidates and members of the

Republican Party to take a more vested interest in our community

through communication with the Collegian and making appearances on


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