Oct 052004
Authors: Megan Buettgenbach

While studying to pass a class is a priority for many students

at CSU, health officials want students to keep their health in mind


Stressing over classes and relationships and not getting enough

sleep makes the immune system more susceptible to bacteria and

viruses, said Deb Morris, a health educator at Hartshorn Health


“I don’t think you can concentrate on your academics if you are

sick all the time,” said Jessica McPhaul, a freshman biomedical

sciences major.

This is a problem for some students, who are already suffering

from runny noses, coughing and sore throats.

“It appears that (the health center is) seeing more viral

infections this year compared to the same time period last year,”

said CeCelia Nutter, assistant clinical director at Hartshorn. “I

think it is the cold weather.”

Students living in residence halls may be more prone to getting


“With more people, especially so many people in a small area,

(viruses) are easily transferable,” Morris said.

To combat bacteria and viruses, Morris suggests that students

eat a well-balanced diet, get a good amount of rest, get some kind

of physical activity and learn to manage stress.

Hand washing is another precaution that can help fend off


“Hand washing is the most important thing,” Nutter said. “Hand

washing could prevent half to three-quarters of viral


Staying healthy requires more than just clean hands, though.

“When our bodies are well-rested, they can fight off illnesses,”

Morris said. “Even stress will reduce your immune system’s ability

to fight infections.”

Stacey Seastrom, a sophomore and health promotions and pre-med

major, believes staying healthy can postively affect many aspects

of a student’s life.

“(Being healthy) helps you stay well-rounded and keeps your life

balanced,” Seastrom said.


One way for students to reduce their

levels of stress is to visit the University’s Counseling Center,

located in the basement of the Clark Building, C-wing.

Free stress management groups are

offered at the counseling center. Students interested in the group

sessions should call 491-6053.

Students have questions related to

the health, mental or fitness areas, visit

http://askpat.colostate.edu, where you can post questions


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