To the editor:

Oct 042004

Today on the Lory Student Center Plaza I talked to several

people on both sides of the abortion debate. In both cases and from

the signs and postings around the Justice for All displays, I saw

that religion (mainly referring to Christianity) and abortion were

very closely linked because religious teachings condemn abortion.

However, I would like to shed light on a different aspect of

abortion that religion, namely Christianity, addresses. One message

leaves people, especially those that have undergone abortions, with

guilt, while the flipside of the accusatory message leaves people

with hope.

Proponents of the anti-abortion movement see abortion as a

wrongdoing, and back it up with biblical teachings. Though this is

true, the other issue of how this wrongdoing is resolved within the

context of Christian teachings is not as readily addressed. The

crux of biblical teachings of Christianity rests on the premise of

forgiveness. If one is guilty of wrongdoing he or she is not right

or unreconciled with God. However, biblical teachings also say that

Jesus, being God in human form, came down and died on the cross to

pay for each and every individual’s wrongdoings and thus reconcile

mankind with God. If one accepts Christ as his or her savior he or

she is made right with God and thus receives no punishment from

Him. This ties into abortion because even if one has already had an

abortion or has done any other wrongdoing, he or she can still turn

to Christ as one’s savior and thus be right with God.

Katie Sutherland

Sophomore, human development and family studies major

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To the editor:

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Oct 042004

Bring on the political debate. Bring on the rhetoric that we all

know by heart. Bring on even the Gideons, politely offering the New

Testament to all who pass. But, please, if there is any way to keep

out 30-foot tall, inflammatory, upsetting images, let’s find it. If

anyone thinks that a “balanced” view is presented by having a much

smaller, non-glossy pro-choice presentation at the same time, they

are mistaken. However, I do applaud the efforts and courage of

those willing to sit at that presentation.

I don’t know if it will do any good, but I am boycotting the

student center this week. Maybe if enough people did the same, it

would send a message about what we will and will not tolerate on

our campus.

Ginger Bradshaw

Master’s ecology student

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