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Oct 042004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

With the presidential election on the horizon, dirty politics

have been taking over our televisions. During almost every

commercial break an advertisement can be seen about what one

candidate has done wrong or what another is going to mess up. This

type of campaigning had always been present; but with controversial

elections it seems even more prevalent.

These ads should not be written off or simply taken as fact. It

is obvious that they are biased toward the party presenting the ad.

It is always mentioned somewhere in the ad who is supporting it and

as voters we need to take this into consideration. Although they

are biased and negative, they still raise issues that are very

important to what is going on in the country and in politics.

Because the ads are so biased, a great responsibility is placed

on the concerned public. The information presented in these ads can

be helpful if we take the time to look into the issues they raise.

The responsibility is on us to find out what is really going on

behind all the negative attacks so we can be properly informed when

making a decision on Nov. 2.

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