Shark Tale is a kids tale

Oct 032004
Authors: Andrew Nuth

Recent trends have targeted cartoon movies at adults and


Companies like Pixar are at the forefront of cartoons that

everyone can enjoy. Still, “Shark Tale,” from DreamWorks SKG, does

not hold its own as an adult and children’s movie, the way “Toy

Story,” “Shrek” and “A Bug’s Life” do.

Will Smith provides the voice of Oscar, a fish who dreams of

greater opportunities than working at the whale wash. Oscar takes

after Smith’s Fresh Prince character, providing the majority of

comedic relief in the movie.

Jack Black is the voice of Lenny, a vegetarian shark who doesn’t

want to take over the family mafia business. Don’t expect to hear

the typical over-the-top antics Black usually brings to the big

screen. Lenny’s character comes off as an overtly nerdy shark,

which loses Black’s movie persona and natural talent.

Oscar and Lenny team up together to help each other with their


Despite big name actors in the film, Shark Tale is not as good

as the other films in its genre. Many of the jokes in the movie are

geared toward the younger audience – there are not as many subtle

adult references and jokes that cartoon films have become famous


Kids will love the movie; it’s an hour and a half of cartoons.

Adults will not be as entertained. Don’t expect to see a Pixar

quality, fun for all ages, film.

“Shark Tale” is a kid’s movie.

One and a half out of four

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