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Oct 032004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The University of Colorado-Boulder Chancellor Richard Byyny

announced Tuesday that CU freshmen will not be able to pledge at a

fraternity or sorority during the fall semester or possibly until

their sophomore year.

Director of Greek life at CSU, Mark Koepsell, and CSU Greek Life

vice president Charles Huntsman feel that deferring Rush will not

solve the recent alcohol problems and that it may discourage

students from getting involved in campus activities right away.

We think that deferring Rush is a good decision. It gives

freshmen a chance to experience college life before they commit to

a fraternity or sorority.

Joining a fraternity or sorority is in no way a negative


When freshmen first come to college they are trying to find

friends and are more easily persuaded because of their desire to

fit in. After a semester they have matured and are more apt to make

responsible decisions without feeling pressured.

A semester gives students the chance to make connections beyond

the Greek system and establish other friendships.

Freshmen can easily over extend themselves because of the huge

time commitment that is required in Greek life. They are learning

so much about themselves and life outside of home that being so

immersed in one thing can be overwhelming. They shouldn’t cling to

one thing. Students should branch out and get involved in

everything college has to offer.

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