Only Our Opinions Matter

Oct 032004
Authors: Paul Baker, Scott Bondy

Topic 1: It’s not time for the NBA to start, but it is time to

renew the Kobe-Shaq feud. Bryant made allegations that Shaq has

paid up to $1 million to women to get them to stay quiet. The

remark was in reference to sexual matters. Shaq shot back with a

stinger of his own remarking, “I’m not the one buying love” (in

reference to Kobe buying his wife a ring worth several million

dollars after being accused of sexual assault). So, the question

is, should we believe Kobe?

Bondy: I believe it. Those guys get anything they want. They

womanize, and they don’t play by the rules (also known as following

the law).

Baker: I’d like to believe Shaq. The guy has everything he wants

in the world. We have no reason to believe he womanizes.

Bondy: He did look pretty happy with his wife on “MTV


Baker: I bet some stuff goes down on that bed of his. It is the

biggest in the world, supposedly.

Bondy: Whatever, I wouldn’t want either of those guys on my

team. They’re nothing but drama.

Topic 2: Major League Baseball has laid down its decision and

after 30 years of waiting, there will be baseball in the nation’s

capitsl in 2005. The Montreal Expos are officially moving from

Canada to Washington D.C. Is this move good for the Expos franchise

and/or baseball?

Baker: This decision is perfect for this franchise. Now at least

they might make some money in ticket sales.

Bondy: Yeah, they probably filled five seats all year. Up in

Canada, they don’t even know what baseball is.

Baker: Because of the collective-bargaining agreement, baseball

will also benefit from this move. It’s a win-win situation.

Bondy: Baseball fans in the D.C. area already have the Orioles.

The Expos need to play better than their soon-to-be border


Baker: Maybe it will be a good thing. Many teams in California

are really close together like the Giants and Athletics.

Topic 3: Our favorite team, the Nug Puppies, gave bad boy Dennis

Rodman a tryout in hopes of maybe picking him up in free agency for

the upcoming season. Is this a good decision for the Nuggets?

Bondy: Not only will he be the best entertainment in the league,

but he will also be the best rebounder.

Baker: What about your boy Ben Wallace?

Bondy: OK. Wallace, inch for inch, is the best, but Rodman is in

another world.

Baker: He is in another world. He wore a dress and married


Bondy: He would make any team better.

Baker: With Carmelo Anthony, Marcus Camby and Rodman, we’ll go

all the way.

Q and A Lightning Round

Baker: Baseball: Who wins the AL and NL MVP awards?

Bondy: Ichiro and Bonds.

Bondy: Who does better this coming season, the Lakers or the


Baker: Superman and the Heat.

Baker: What’s the biggest surprise this year in the NFL?

Bondy: The Chiefs. There’s still hope for them to win the

division, though.

Bondy: NASCAR: sport or not?

Baker: Sport. They can make left turns (hint: Zoolander).

Closing Statements and Words to the Wise:

Baker: Live the dream, be the dream!

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