Ladder 49

Oct 032004
Authors: Andrew Nuth

“Ladder 49” has everything: action, character development and

comic relief.

Jaoquin Phoenix plays Jack Morrison in the big-budget

fire-fighting extravaganza, “Ladder 49.” Phoenix steals the show

from John Travolta.

Travolta plays Mike Kennedy, the Fire Chief and father figure to

Morrison and the other men at the fire station.

Ladder 49 is not just an action movie; instead it is a movie

about life, Jack’s life. Jack does not enjoy the inherent danger

associated with fighting fires, but to him the job is worth doing

because he wants to help others in need. Jack’s character is well

developed and stands out in the movie.

Phoenix does an exceptional job playing an average guy and

shines not only in the action scenes, but also in the serious

scenes with his wife, played by Jacinda Barrett. This movie will

probably catapult Phoenix to superstar status.

The stunts in “Ladder 49” are amazingly realistic. It is

refreshing to watch a movie with real stunts without computer


“Ladder 49” is a very intense movie and while in the theater it

is easy to forget that “Ladder 49” is a movie, as the story and

characters are all very realistic.

“Ladder 49” is full of action, drama, wonderful characters and

is an all around good movie.

four out of four

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