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Authors: Megan Read

At his annual “state of the campus” speech Tuesday, University

of Colorado-Boulder Chancellor Richard Byyny announced that CU

freshmen will no longer be able to rush fraternities or sororities

during the fall semester, or possibly until their sophomore


Byyny’s announcement came shortly after the alcohol-related

death of CU student Lynn Gordon Bailey, a Chi Psi fraternity

freshman pledge. Byyny’s said that by delaying Rush until second

semester, freshmen students will be able to experience college life

for the first time without feeling the pressures of rushing.

CSU’s director of Greek Life, Mark Koepsell, disagrees with

Byyny’s decision to postpone Rush until second semester and does

not think it will solve various alcohol problems that are

associated with some fraternities and sororities.

“Deferred recruitment is only something to consider if the

fraternity or sorority chapter is consistently underachieving

academically. I don’t think deferred recruitment will have an

impact on alcohol culture because the situation in Boulder could

have happened first or second semester,” Koepsell said.

Koepsell also said one of the potential negatives to postponing

Rush is that many of the best freshmen students may get heavily

involved in other campus activities their first semester. They

might not have time to rush and contribute to Greek Life their

second semester.

Charles Huntsman, CSU’s Greek Life vice president, added that

Rush in the fall gets students heavily involved in campus

activities right away and postponing it until second semester may

discourage that.

“Deferred recruitment might get students more familiar with the

campus, but students who join Greek Life always get involved

immediately,” Huntsman said.

Some CSU students, however, agree with CU’s decision to postpone

Rush until spring semester.

“They should postpone the rushing of fraternities and sororities

forever because they (fraternities and sororities) are useless,”

said freshman philosophy student Wade Rogers.

Some Fort Collins community members also agree that delaying

Rush until spring semester at CU is something that should be done

at every university.

“I think it’s a good idea because they need to figure out what

those fraternity houses are really doing,” said Fort Collins

resident Susie Ewing.

CSU’s Greek Life members, including freshman Kappa Delta member

Jenn Fromm, will continue to support Rush during the fall semester

at CSU because of their positive experiences.

“You meet so many people during Rush and become friends with

them during first semester. If you wait until second semester, you

won’t make the same relationships,” Fromm said.

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