To the editor:

Sep 302004

The Lory Student Center is advising the campus community and

campus visitors that from Monday, through Wednesday, “Justice for

All” will have an 18-foot tall photographic exhibit consisting of

15 panels that will include very graphic abortion photographs on

the Plaza.

This is not a CSU-sponsored activity and the university takes no

position regarding either the exhibit or its content. CSU is

neither trying to censure nor endorse the exhibit, but it wants to

be sure that community members and visitors are aware of its

presence. Community members should take alternate routes if they

wish to avoid the exhibit and its contents.


Mari Strombom

Director, Campus Activities

Lory Student Center

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To the Editor

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Sep 302004

Regardless of whether professor Steven Helmericks’ personal

views on current political issues are valid, a sociology classroom

is not the venue for it, and he should be reprimanded for wasting

his students’ time and money, if nothing else. Suggesting that a

student take another course so he could continue his indoctrination

of the other students is not a feasible solution; it’s an insult to

the student in question and to the very idea of classroom

discussion. Despite Helmericks’ and various students’ claims, this

is not a Republican conspiracy against liberal professors. To prove

this, simply walk down any hallway of professors’ offices on campus

and look at the political cartoons they put on their doors. We are

not suffering from a shortage of liberal views on this campus, not

by a long shot. Also, the vast majority of professors, despite

their views, are able to control themselves to the point where they

don’t offend anyone (and liberals whining about Republicans getting

offended is really amusing to any of us who remember the Trent Lott


The solution to this problem is not to persecute people for

their beliefs (not that I think this was done) but for professors

to realize that they are here for the students and not for

themselves. Having said this, I don’t want professors to be afraid

to bring up sensitive subjects in their class, as long as it is of

educational benefit to the people who a university should really be

about: the students.

Jared Reece

Senior, English/Philosophy

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