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Sep 302004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The presidential debates Thursday proved how frivolous they

really are. Both candidates had demands that were unrelated to the

task at hand. Senator John Kerry requested that the temperature in

the room be a certain temperature so he didn’t sweat. President

Bush requested that the candidates were placed far enough apart so

that a split screen image would make the two appear to be the same


These requests are pointless at first glance, but after more

consideration both are trying to make themselves appear calm and

collected. The candidates know the debates, and their appearance on

those debates, are important to the American people and don’t want

to be the one that looks ill-equipped.

People shouldn’t care what the candidate looks like on the TV

screen; they should be more concerned with what they have to offer

the nation as president. Appearance may have decided presidential

elections in the past but it’s the issues that we need to be

worried about not if the president is short or ugly or has sweat


Instead of focusing on which candidate is more aesthetically

pleasing, take a look at the issues they stand for and then make

your decision.

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