First meeting of task force

Sep 302004
Authors: Erin Tracy

CSU President Larry Penley charged the Alcohol Task Force

Thursday with a duty to target “forces, activities and perceptions”

of alcohol and substance abuse within CSU and the surrounding


The Alcohol Task Force met for the first time in Lory Student

Center Main Ballroom to introduce the committee members and

subcommittees, discuss the task force processes and to hear

comments from the community.

Penley spoke briefly at the meeting thanking both the task force

and the community for their concerns on the task force issue.

“Your leadership, your courage in taking on what we all know are

difficult issues,” Penley said. “It really is a great gift to

Colorado State University and I believe to Colorado as well.”

Penley acknowledged the “tragic results of such abuse at our

institution” and said the actions of the task force should help to

create a safer environment for the students at CSU.

He also asked the committee to evaluate the existing educational

and support programs at CSU and Fort Collins and expressed a desire

to find a way to involve students, faculty, parents, alumni and the

community in reviewing current CSU policies and procedures.

Penley created four subcommittees that will each look at

different aspects of alcohol and substance affecting the


The subcommittees are:

* Policies, Protocols, Enforcement Practices

* Student Behavior, Educational, Prevention and Intervention


* Legislation, Distribution and Sales, Advertising

* Alcohol at Hughes Stadium

Katie Clausen, Associated Students of CSU president and task

force committee member, said the subcommittee she is on, “Alcohol

at Hughes Stadium,” will look into issues including the schools

that sell beer at their stadiums, the location of those schools to

the stadiums, how much revenue will be lost and where the majority

of the beer was sold.

She said she would like to start an advisory board made up

exclusively of students that will give her ideas and suggestions

that could help the subcommittee make a proper decision regarding

the sale of alcohol at Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium.

“We definitely do not want the 10 of us to make this decision,”

Clausen said.

Clausen said she will have a meeting before the task force meets

again and would like to hear the community’s views on alcohol at

Hughes Stadium.

The task force will meet once a month, except for January.

Ben Goldstein, ASCSU’s vice president, spoke during the public

comments session of the meeting.

He told the task force about ASCSU’s frustration with Penley’s

decision to suspend alcohol at Hughes Stadium.

“We weren’t consulted on this,” Goldstein said. “We feel like

the administration is not being strong in representing the


Goldstein provided a copy of the legislation that ASCSU passed

Wednesday evening requesting a lift on the suspension of alcohol

being sold at Hughes Stadium.

“I can only hope it will assist at least the task force,”

Goldstein said. “And certainly a copy will be forwarded to

President Penley, and I do think he will take it seriously.”

Goldstein also said he is concerned with students’ consumption

of alcohol before football games and the past problems CSU students

had before alcohol was sold in the stadium that he sees now.

“Students back then would try and line entire concrete wall,

from goal line to goal line with bottles,” Goldstein said. “That is

a lot of alcohol being smuggled into the stadium, and I think we

are heading back in that direction.”

The Alcohol Task Force will meet next from 3 to 6 p.m. on Oct.

28, in room 228 of the LSC.

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