Sep 302004
Authors: Kenneth Zetye

There is scarcely a day that goes by where I don’t see someone

on this campus wearing an anarchy sign. I suppose that this is some

sort of fashion statement or something, or maybe these kids are

just angry with some issue. Perhaps they believe that anarchy will

solve their problems, and no one will ever tell them to do anything

they don’t want to do again.

But I do not understand this at all. How is it possible for

someone to be so stupid? Do these people know what anarchy means?

Let’s take a step back here.

Anarchy is a political theory that is opposed to all forms of

government. These people believe that they are only able to fully

express themselves when they are under no control from any outside

influences. While there is a value in this theory that tells people

in their anarchist utopia to be nice to each other, many anarchists

have used violence through assassination and terrorism to promote

their cause. These assassinations include the president of France,

the king of Italy, the king of Greece and even President William

McKinley of the United States. There is also the issue of injury

and damage caused by anarchists during demonstrations around the

United States and Europe over the past decade. Yet, there are still

children walking around sporting this symbol of destruction at our

institution of higher learning.

If I had my way I’d probably punch everyone who looked at me

wrong. I do not do this because we live in a peaceful society of

rules and law. If I were to follow my instincts I would most likely

end up in jail. This is how society works, and we are able to live

in cities without walls and a country where there are not roving

bands of thieves and killers terrorizing the countryside.

Do you really want anarchy? I think not. Let me describe anarchy

for all of you who are still unsure of the word’s meaning. BAM! I

just killed you and took your wallet. BAM! Now I just killed your

friend and took his wallet. What are you going to do about this?

Nothing, you’re dead. In fact, no one is going to do anything about

the death of you and your friend. There is no police


The police annoy everyone when they get a speeding ticket, but a

look at life without them is a far cry from better. I would bet

that the police have been called on many occasions by kids with

anarchy signs on their jackets.

What I’m getting at here is that if you’re wearing an anarchy

sign around, stop for a minute and think about it. What are you

trying to say with this symbol? If you really believe in it, then I

guess you’re entitled to your opinion. But for the majority of you,

grow up.

Kenneth Zetye is a junior English major. His column runs every

Friday in the Collegian.

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