Sep 292004
Authors: James Baetke

With the November election about a month away voters have very little time left to meet the Oct. 4 deadline for voter registration.

Republican and Democratic tents were set up on the Lory Student Center Plaza, and debates erupted as students, candidates and passers-by spoke their mind Wednesday.

Voting representatives handed out fliers, bumper stickers and election signs to remind people to exercise their right to vote on Nov. 2 and to register before Monday’s deadline.

Local candidates and young voter organizations have been out on the hunt for unregistered college students all across the state and on campus.

Representatives from the New Voters Project were out on the beat encouraging students to fill out voter registration forms Wednesday. With pens and clipboards ready, student volunteers lassoed passing students to fill out the forms.

“This is a good sign you are going to hold our foot to the fire,” said Bob Bacon, a Democrat running for the State Senate District 14, referring to the dozens of students present at his speech Wednesday on the Plaza.

His opponent, Fort Collins Mayor Ray Martinez, was also out speaking at the Republican tent on the Plaza. Martinez said the crowd Wednesday was a good indication that young voters are ready to fill out their ballots and that young people are a very important part of campaigning.

“It is good to see all these college students out here,” Martinez said. “Students are 100 percent of the future.”

Andy Carter, a junior finance real estate major, said the external pressure for young people to vote is evident, especially since this is the first presidential election in which his vote will be counted.

“I don’t feel like the young vote is huge, but it is definitely growing,” Carter said.

The Larimer County Election Office officials said the office was flooded by incoming registration forms but was prepared for the rush.

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