Sep 292004
Authors: Lila Hickey

The Associated Students of CSU Senate passed a bill Wednesday night that requested the CSU Alcohol Task Force recommend CSU President Larry Penley lift the alcohol ban on Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium for the duration of the 2004 football season.

The ban, which was announced around 5 p.m. on Sept. 16, suspended alcohol sales at home football games pending a recommendation by the recently appointed task force. ASCSU was not consulted prior to the ban.

In response, ASCSU drafted legislation expressing its displeasure that the ban was implemented “without any input from or prior notice given” to ASCSU and requesting the return of beer to the stadium for the remainder of the season.

The bill, which passed 20-4-2, was co-authored by Brian Hardouin, director of RamRide, and Jason Huitt, director of information technology.

“I’m relieved, because it’s the end of a long battle,” Hardouin said of the bill’s passage. “I hope the administration reads it and takes it to heart.”

Huitt said he was confident the bill would pass and was pleased it was not significantly altered. He also expressed satisfaction with the senate’s acceptance of the bill’s “strong language,” including such phrases as “knee-jerk reaction” and “under the guise of increasing community safety.”

Graduate school Sen. Jason Furtado, who voted against the bill, said he supported the idea behind it but worried about the bill’s language and length.

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